2014 VATFACS Award and Scholarship Applications now Available

Now is the time to consider nominating a colleague for an award or a student for a scholarship. See the Awards and Scholarship pages to download the applications.

 2014 VATFACS Professional Development Intitute Announcement

Plan to attend this year’s Summer Institute In Roanoke from August 4 to August 6 to sharpen your teaching skills, present your best practices and earn recertification ponts. Check out the Conference link for complete details

Conference Resources Now Online

Download files from Conference Presenters and from the Grand Carousel here on line. Visit the “Conference File Sharing Page” to see what has been posted. 

VATFACS Award and Scholarship Recipients Announced

At the 2013 Professional Development Institute awards will be given to honor outstanding VATFACS members, Business and Industry, Administrators, and scholarship recipients. Visit the links soon to see this years winners and use the Awards and Scholarship links to learn how to apply for the coming year.

FACS Listserve: Stay informed by joining the FACS List serve. Receive program updates, important announcements and teacher resources through our listserv. Send your e-mail address, name, and school division to Helen Fuqua to be added.




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Nominations for VATFACS Officers now being accepted

VATFACS is accepting nominations for officers to serve on the executive board. The job description for each of the positions is provided for your review.

Download the Nomination Form

  • VATFACS members can nominate themselves for an office.
  • Only paid member of VATFACS may run for office and vote for those on the ballot.


Job Description:

  • Work closely with President.
  • Become President for remainder of term in case of permanent vacancy.
  • Serve as Chair of Program of Work Committee.
  • Serve as Chair of Program Committee.
  • Serve as Consultant to Resolutions Committee.
  • Serve as Consultant to Legislative Committee.
  • Become familiar with procedures, policies, and functions of the Executive Board.

Vice President

Job Description:

  • Perform duties of President in the absence of President.
  • Assume such other activities as the President of the Association may deem necessary.
  • Serve as Parliamentarian at all Executive Board meetings.
  • Serve as consultant to Outstanding Teacher Committee, the Retiring Teacher Committee, the Outstanding Administrator Committee, and the Outstanding Business and Industry Committee.


Job Description:

  • Expend monies of the Association only upon authorization of the President and Executive Board.
  • Render financial accounting when requested by Executive Board.
  • Process all memberships of Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences within five days of receipt.
  • Provide complete and accurate membership list, together with addresses and telephone numbers, to the Secretary.
  • Have books of the Association audited by the end of each fiscal year by the auditing committee approved by the Executive Board.
  • Assume other duties as deemed necessary by the President of the Association. To receive contributions to the Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship Fund, deposit same in and insured institution, acknowledge receipt of contributions, and keep accurate records.
  • Update membership list for Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education annually, and clarify any discrepancies with the Secretary of the Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences with the Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education.
  • To assist with registration and collection of conference monies.
  • To attend VATFACS annual meeting.


Job Description:

  • Serve as editor of the official publication.
  • Assist in publishing materials relative to the Association’s activities.
  • To be responsible for the preparing, editing and publishing issues of the VATFACS Bulletin, the newsletter of the Association.
  • Serve as consultant to the Public Relations Committee.
  • Serve as consultant to the History Committee.
  • Serve as the Virginia Association for the Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences Reporter to the VACTE News, the VEA Journal, the VATFACS Newsletter, the NATFACS Newsletter and the ACTE Newsletter.

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